Spell of the wind / Busan Biennale Sea Art Festival
Installed plastic garbage bags on the air, 2008

부산 바닷가 바람에 날리는 비닐봉투들이 서로 부딪히는 소리가, 사각사각 마치 대숲에서 대나무잎들끼리 부딪혀 나는 소리같다. 관객은 쓰레기 비닐봉투 사이로 걸어 들어가 대나무숲을 환각한다.
The sounds caused by vinyl envelopes that are striking with each other sounded like the sounds of bamboos from striking with each other in the bamboo forest. Viewers were under the illusion that they were passing through bamboo forest while they were between the vinyl envelopes.

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